CliC Classic Black

€ 75.00


€ 37.50

CliC : simple sound transformed into a brand!
This is the synthesis of an extraordinary idea. The frames open frontally with a magnetic closure and remain firm when resting on the neck thanks to a rigid collar . Born from a NASA project that should have allowed the astronauts to use glasses even in the absence of gravity, they then became a trendy legend in the international optics program!

Lešiai magnetiniams akiniams: Su dioptrijomis be filtrų, Be dioptrijų su mėlynuoju filtru

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Additional information

Code CRN
Collection CliC Classic
Color Black
Type Reading
Form Rectangular
Degrees +1.0 +1.5 +2.0 +2.5 +3.0 +3.5 Blue light filter

Atention! Colors in your monitor can slightly differ from real product.