CliC Vunetic

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Precious polymers , expertly matched with lenses and very high quality metals, make Vunetic , the first preassembled high end, entirely Made in Italy .

Created by CliC Eyewear , colossus par excellence of the magnetic connection, it is available in colors and fashion models , which can give the wearer that touch of glamor that distinguishes chic.

Vunetic is the perfect combination of the experience gained with CliC Eyewear and Made in Italy manufacture.

The Vunetic goggles have anti-reflective lenses and a collar made of 20% acetate polymers and the remaining 80% by TR90 , a characteristic that makes the eyewear capable of flexing and twisting without breaking .

Vunetic Eyewear : 100% Made in Italy, 100% indestructible.