CliC Eyewear


CliC : simple sound transformed into a brand!

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: created for  NASA , CliC is the result of design that meets utilitybecause it allows you to always have glasses at your fingertips.

Made of polycarbonate , a material with excellent elastic and thermal qualities, the CliC eyewear features adjustable metal support arms to adapt to any form of face and head for perfect fit.

The magnetic connection is given by a special neodymium magnet and CE patented, tested in the wind tunnel for a detachment at 208 Km / h and with a duration of 150 years.

The collections of CliC eyewear are lively and full of character, to give the wearer charisma and distinction: classic shapes and new sizes, timeless colors and trendy shades, for all tastes and all styles.